IDCORE Graduate Engineers

Our IDCORE Graduate Engineers are listed below by research area. For completed projects that do not have any commercial sensitivities, links to the final theses are included.

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IDCORE Research Engineers
IDCORE Member Name Programme Partner Research Area Industrial Partner Thesis link Cohort
Dr Diana Jelenova University of Strathclyde Operations and Maintenance (OM) Wood Group 2017
Dr Daniel Milano University of Edinburgh Computational Modelling (CM) EDF 2016
Dr Elize Petrovska University of Strathclyde Civil/Structural (CS) EDF 2016
Dr James Ferguson University of Edinburgh Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) EMEC 2016
Dr Mairi Dorward University of Exeter Risk & Reliability (RR) FloWave 2016
Dr Mohammad Yousef University of Exeter Civil/Structural (CS) Concrete Marine Solutions 2016
Dr Alex Koltsidopoulos-Papatzimos University of Edinburgh Risk & Reliability (RR) EDF 2015
Dr Anthony McDonald University of Strathclyde Hydrodynamics (H) Wave Venture 2015
Dr Caitlin Worden Hodge University of Strathclyde Computational Modelling (CM) Zyba Renewables 2015
Dr David Young University of Exeter Operations and Maintenance (OM) Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult 2015
Dr Esteve Borras Mora University of Edinburgh Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) EDF 2015
Dr Fraser Ewing University of Strathclyde Risk & Reliability (RR) DNV GL 2015
Dr Ilie Bivol University of Exeter Hydrodynamics (H) Sustainable Marine Energy 2015
Dr John McDowell University of Strathclyde Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) Sustainable Marine Energy 2015
Dr Jordi Serret University of Strathclyde Civil/Structural (CS) Floating Wind Turbines Ltd 2015
Dr Kristin Luttik University of Edinburgh, Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) Computational Modelling (CM) SAMS 2015
Dr Rachel Vezza University of Exeter Environment (E) Nova Innovation 2015
Dr Sarah Acheson University of Edinburgh Computational Modelling (CM) Artemis Intelligent Power 2015
Dr Anna Stegman University of Exeter Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) ETI 2014
Dr Ben Hudson University of Edinburgh Operations and Maintenance (OM) JBA Consulting 2014


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