About Demitri

After graduating in 2018 from a degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, Demitri joined a strategy consultancy in London. However, this work didn’t allow him to pursue his interest in sustainable energy and he started to look for ways into the renewables industry.

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EDF as a Sponsor

As members of the former Energy Technologies Institute, which funded the first phase of IDCORE, EDF has been the most consistent sponsor of IDCORE Research Engineers. The advantage of this for Prokopis is that he is able to build on the work of other IDCORE projects that have gone before.

photo of Prokopis Vlachogiannis with sea and mountains in the background

The IDCORE training is very broad creating a breadth of knowledge that has been invaluable to Nicholas when working with his project sponsor, EDF, who have been strong supporters of IDCORE since it was first set up. They have sponsored students in most cohorts, and a number of times they have sponsored more than one from their R&D centres in London and in Chatou, France.

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Choosing a Sponsor

Being a native French speaker, a project with EDF in Paris was an obvious choice for Elie, especially when they were offering a project oriented towards civil engineering, the subject of his first degree.

Elie Ronge portrait photograph with sea and waves in the background

Ajit, a former IDCORE student, is now a Senior Lecturer in Autonomous Systems and Robotics at the University of Exeter. He teaches on modules provided as part of the IDCORE training and is currently on the supervision teams for five different IDCORE projects.

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